CPR First Aid Training and its importance

Importance of CPR And First Aid Training Service

The Importance of First Aid Training course in Delhi

Cardio pulmonary resuscitation or CPR is one of the important and building blocks of first aid training all over the world. Without First Aid training, learning CPR techniques is incomplete as it forms the vital cog in the survival chain. The data collected all over the world shows the drastic reduction of mortality rate in unconscious non breathing casualties showing the importance of CPR in first aid training classes. CPR techniques is performed on all those casualties who cannot breathe on it and their pulse rate is dipping or is not present. The absence of pulse rate is of greater importance and is a sign of immediate medical attention. CPR and First Aid Training plays an important role in these situations. The CPR not only improves the blood circulation it provides the important and life saving oxygen to the brain thus helping it to stay alive.

Different Levels of CPR Classes

The needs for every first aider are different and requiring specific training as per the requirement at the particular site. The training of a paramedic is quite different than the normal training. But the contents are same and emphasize should be on the training out come. The training of paramedics or professional rescuers involves use of AED.

As the term indicating it is a course designed for the persons involved in medical industry or is professional rescuer. It includes important topics of CHOKING, SHOCK and resuscitation. It is very beneficial for those persons who wanted to work in health industry or wanted to become professional rescuer.

Adult CPR Classes

This CPR module of first aid training is one of the shortest and easiest formats of class which can be taught with in very short span of time. It deals only with CPR training to be performed only on adults. Persons older than eight years are treated as an adult in first aid and CPR. Participants of these CPR training do not have any medical Training and the training procedures are learned and taught with in a very small duration. This training is designed for that person who works in a factory set up or who lives alone with their spouses.

Infant and Child CPR Classes

This FIRST AID COURSE is designed for those who works with the children under eight years old. Those working for prep, crèche and nursery schools should know how to perform CPR on the children, or how to clear an airway obstruction, or how to resuscitate an unconscious child in a professional manner will find this course very effective.

Finding CPR Classes

In India there are numerous organizations conducting first aid training programmes but emphasize should be on the quality of the trainer and the curriculum taught.

How to Choose the CPR Class
Before registering with a training institute enquire the procedure to provide the certificate. Good First aid and CPR institutes have rigorous procedures to evaluate the knowledge of candidates and awarding certificates. Ask about the Qualification of Trainer and accredition of institute.

Get properly trained and practical experience on the mannequins will come handy in the real scenario of first aid. Never hesitate in giving first aid and CPR if needed to the injured one. A recent law passed in India gives you immunity from any legal case if something goes wrong.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and First Aid training are essential skills that can potentially save lives in emergency situations. These skills are particularly important in Delhi, where the population density is high, and accidents and medical emergencies can occur at any time.

Here are some of the key reasons why CPR and First Aid training is essential in Delhi:

  • Response time: In Delhi, response times for emergency services can be slow due to traffic and other factors. In such situations, the ability to provide CPR and basic First Aid can be the difference between life and death.
  • Accidents: Delhi has a high number of accidents, including road accidents and workplace accidents. Knowing how to provide CPR and First Aid can help reduce the severity of injuries and improve the chances of survival.
  • Heart attacks: Heart attacks are a common medical emergency in Delhi. Knowing how to perform CPR can help keep the heart and lungs functioning until emergency services arrive.
  • Children and infants: CPR and First Aid training is particularly important for those who have young children or infants in their care. Children are more prone to accidents and injuries, and knowing how to respond quickly and effectively can make all the difference.
  • Workplace safety: First Aid training is a legal requirement for many workplaces in Delhi. By providing employees with CPR and First Aid training, businesses can help ensure the safety and well-being of their employees.

In summary, CPR and First Aid training is essential in Delhi to provide timely and effective response in case of emergencies, especially in situations where emergency services might not be immediately available. These skills can save lives and reduce the severity of injuries, making them a valuable investment for individuals, businesses, and communities.

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