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We all know in today's world the people are very prone to diseases due to work culture and life style. Heart attack, asthma, obesity, allergy and high blood pressure are some of the commonest and fatal illnesses that we encountered in our day to day life. People are becoming more and more conscious and are now paying more attention to their health and have now realized the importance of healthy life style.

Most of us or our friends or relative have suffered these diseases and now they are on medications. Apart from medications we have restricted diets as advised by our doctors. These situations have led people to join fitness centers and have more stress on their overall health.

These people are on risk of many serious conditions that they can suffer at any place like as office, road, and picnic spots or even at your fitness centre. Fitness trainers are themselves knows the importance of various aspects of the body and their functions to sustain the life. But they should be more specifically trained on first aid and CPR by the experienced and certified trainers.

Apart from all the other topics taught on first aid the most vital is how to give CPR to the injured one so as to save the life. For various age group the CPR is divided in to Adult CPR, Child CPR, Infant CPR and CPR in pregnancy.

The body require oxygen to sustain life and to make sure the tissues are healthy and in good condition. Except brain and heart no other body part require oxygen supply more quickly and a as after five min there are chances of brain becoming dead or some part of it becoming dead. This may lead to death as heart will stop functioning and will cease to function.

If the fitness trainer has proper training of CPR he can promptly take an action and will do CPR quickly along with other first aid Procedure and may save life of an injured one. There are various situations where a person may suffer heart attack like while on treadmill, doing aerobics as he may be having any coronary disease which can precipitate the condition and may lead to stroke and death.

The CPR helps in circulating oxygenated blood in the brain and thus prevents brain death. The CPR training is very important for fitness trainers as they have more chances of having people with disease. As well as this also counts an additional benefit for the trainers as it gives them more advantage in professional life. The leading fitness clubs and institutes have made it compulsory for people to have this CPR certification done before doing any advanced level of Fitness certification or joining them as fitness trainers. More over it also become more efficient in our social life and by helping some one in need not only we can save the life of the Injured we can also contribute to our society.

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