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Today the volunteers of Delhi first aid training centre is going to start a campaign in social media and will make a buzz to make that pupils of schools should receive the first aid and CPR training so that they should become aware and will serve the people in need. The motion was proposed by the senior trainer of 24x7 medical Service when he found so many incidents involving student either in the school playfields or on the roads. There are numerous incidents which involve students of the school where they have suffered any fatal disease like asthma or choking or severe physical injury. And the sad part is that nobody knows the proper procedure of providing the first aid to the person.

Students may die or can have serious injuries to them if the first aid is not provided to them while they are transferred to the hospital. For this purpose of safety and precaution the teachers are assessed for their knowledge on first aid and CPR by the trainers. 24x7 medical service found that most of the people are unaware of the first aid.

The students are involved in spreading awareness and importance of first aid in the life of people. Social media like twitter, face book posters essay writing competition, painting competition are organized to create a buzz in the society and media. The focus is to include first aid in our school curriculum and make it mandatory for each student to learn it and pass the exam. When the students will come out from the school they will be already trained volunteers and will be an asset to the society.

The momentum for inclusion of first aid as a subject in the curriculum has been also endorsed in U.K. also where the people representative has been campaigning actively for it. People has also come out in support of it in large number said Dr. Asif Sattar of 24x7 Medical Service a premier Institution in Delhi giving first aid and CPR training.

Our efforts of inclusion have got tremendous response from the parents and people. As they know that if their child will get the first aid training in school and get properly trained we will be getting benefit of it in case the medical emergency arises. They will also come handy when some calamities like fire, flood, and earthquake, terrorist attacks will and can save the life of many people.

Efforts of 24x7 medical service and Delhi first aid training Centre is noticed by local governing bodies the comparator, education minister, secretaries will be send memorandum for inclusion of first aid. In many European countries the first aid training is mandatory. People are legally obliged to do first aid training course in

the industries which are hazardous and deals with people in general. Many schools are running these classes of first aid though not mandatory for teachers. These initiatives will go a long way and will make our society to look at first aid and CPR training in a different way.

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