Restaurant & Hotel CPR & First Aid Training

CPR and First Aid Training for Hotels, Restaurants and Golf Course

CPR and first aid training are essential skills for employees in hotels, restaurants, and golf courses to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and colleagues in case of an emergency. Here are some key considerations for providing CPR and first aid training to employees in these industries:

  • Determine the level of training required: Depending on the type and size of the establishment, the level of training required may vary. Basic CPR and first aid training may be sufficient for small establishments, while larger establishments may require more advanced training.
  • Identify key personnel: Identify employees who are responsible for providing CPR and first aid in case of an emergency. These may include managers, front desk staff, security personnel, and maintenance staff.
  • Choose a reputable training provider: Look for a reputable training provider who can provide customized training to meet the specific needs of the establishment. The training provider should be certified by a recognized organization, such as the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association.
  • Schedule regular training sessions: Regular training sessions should be scheduled to ensure that employees are up-to-date on the latest CPR and first aid techniques. Refresher courses should also be provided periodically to reinforce skills and knowledge.
  • Provide training materials: Provide employees with training materials, such as manuals and videos, to reinforce the skills and knowledge they have learned during the training sessions.
  • Ensure equipment is available: Make sure that the necessary equipment, such as AEDs (automated external defibrillators), is available and in good working order.

A recent study conducted by the disaster management organizations revealed that one of the neglected and under estimated field for the first aid is the dining sector especially the Restaurants. There are thousands of incidents where the staff does not know how to handle the medical emergency. But 24x7 medical service has come up with a novel way to get more and more people from the society.

Owner of the one of the leading restaurants never think even in his imagination that some body can choke by the sandwiches they serve to the people his restaurant until one day he hears that the son of the renowned musician Pritam dies due to the choking. Pritam does not know how to respond and what to do and neither most of us know. No body knows there how to perform Heimlich maneuver to the choking person.

After this incident the people over there realized how important is us to be trained in first aid. E After that they call Delhi first aid training centre and ask them to conduct the first aid classes not for him but for his entire staff. The trainers from 24 x7 medical Service visits them and imparted first aid training to them creating live situation. First aid training centre Delhi was very enthusiastic and they insist that the participants not needed to come to the training class but our trainer will provide training at the venue.

The participants here stressed on the techniques of anaphylactic shock first aid and choking especially about the Heimlich maneuver. They also enquire about the Good Samaritan law so that there should not be any legal liability if there are some mishappenings during first aid. Also management of traffic in course of road traffic accident was also discussed. There was also discussion on reporting of the incident so as to minimize legal problems. There was also discussion on heart attack the common and silent killer INDIA. Our trainers discussed the problem in length and tell them the first aid for it. Also Asthma management was another important topic that most of the people and participant were very keen to learn. Fractures, sprain, strain and dislocation were discussed along with management of these problems.

But the participant was put in real life like scenario and they were assessed about their understanding of the first aid about the situation. There were fake blood; cotton bandages, slings, tourniquets; stretcher and the participants love this. They were taught how to carry the injured and the process of stabilization of neck and

spine in case of any back bone and neck injury. The process of rescue position in the breathing and unconscious person was also demonstrated in the lecture by the trainer of first aid training centre Delhi.

The participants were than awarded the certification of participation in BASIC FIARST AID AND CPR TRAINING s to each and every individual who attended the training and secured minimum 60% in theoretical and practical evaluation. Most of them passed with flying colors. They thank the team of 24x7 medical service for conducting first aid training for them on a short notice and than urged them to conduct training.

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