CPR Training Delhi

CPR Training Delhi

Welcome to 24x7 Medical Service Cpr Training Centre in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, New Delhi. We have designed an innovative curriculum for those enthusiastic people who want to learn the basic fundamentals of first aid but do not have the time or have a busy schedule to attend the long and lengthy lectures. Each topic is explained thoroughly in a systematic manner giving every minute details so that even people from every background without any medical knowledge can understand it properly. This methodical approach by us has made popular in this field and generated hundreds of satisfied first aid training participants.

At the end of each module of First Aid Training there is a brief quiz which assesses your learning capability and helps you to understand first aid and CPR better.

your learning capability and helps you to understand how to perform First Aid and CPR better on your loved ones, in any medical emergency on road or any where it required.

After you have successfully learned the First Aid and CPR topics thoroughly. Now you have understanding of each medical emergency situation and have passed the examination then you will be awarded a professional first aid and CPR Training completion certificate which can be displayed at your workplace or at your home.

All the topics taught and procedures demonstrated in our First Aid and CPR Training course, are as per the strict guidelines and curriculum approved by American Red Cross and WHO.

The Delhi First Aid and CPR Training Institute providing training to tackle and handle medical emergency, at home, in school and in the workplace.

Courses and Certifications

Many jobs require up to date lifesaving skills i.e. First aid and cpr skills because they address Medical emergencies in everyday life of persons like health care providers, first responders, and lifeguards, teachers and babysitters, are given custody of loved ones that could require first aid on a moment's notice.

All of us who don't face Medical emergencies in everyday life can also benefit from training provided by Delhi First Aid and CPR Training Institute. With a wide collection of First Aid Training courses the Delhi First Aid and CPR Training Institute can provide you with the training and skills you require to stop, get ready for and respond to Medical emergencies.

The Delhi First Aid and CPR Training Institute offers training for organizations that meets OSHA Guidelines. Employees can be trained in first aid through onsite classes at your location.

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