Two Days First Aid Training Program In Delhi

Two Days First Aid Training Program In Delhi

Two days apply first aid and CPR course is going to be organized on coming weekend for the working professionals who cannot attend the normal five day program. Engineers, construction site supervisors, students and teachers can enroll in this Basic First Aid and CPR training Classes. Any one above the age of 18 and if below 18 with the consent of their guardian can book their seats.

The Apply first aid and CPR Training costs @ Rs 3,500/- and includes practical aspects of CPR with active participation of participants, incident reporting, Emergency action plan, Choking, fainting, bleeding, heart attack, bandages and dressing and many more.

After the completion of first aid and CPR Training there will be an assessment of the aspects learned such as bandaging techniques CPR, management of burns and scalds, heart attack. The student has to secure minimum 60% of marks to be eligible of first aid certification. If participant failed to achieve the level desired he will undergo the weak aspects once again.

Those successful will get first aid and CPR certification level 2 and can work in India and abroad in various industries as well as a professional first aider.

First aid and CPR training centre Delhi run by 24x7 Medical Service is also running Cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course for the individual and groups throughout Delhi NCR region. Our instructors want to pass on their training of life saving skills to even more and more people.

First aid and CPR training centre Delhi will be having one more training facility in Delhi for the individual participants. Earlier it was very difficult for us to train people on individual basis and making batches will take a lot of time. Now the classes will be run on last three days of every alternate weekend.

24x7 medical service runs the classes with an aim to train more and more people the charges are Rs 3,500/- and timings will be from 11 A.M. duration of each class will be 3 hours per day.

A two-day first aid training program can provide participants with essential knowledge and skills to effectively respond to emergency situations. The following is an overview of what a two-day first aid training program may cover:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to first aid: This section covers the definition and principles of first aid, the role of a first aider, and the legal considerations of providing first aid.
  • Basic life support: This section covers the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), including chest compressions and rescue breathing.
  • Bleeding and wound care: Participants will learn how to control bleeding and care for wounds, including techniques for cleaning, dressing, and bandaging wounds.
  • Burns: This section covers the different types of burns, their causes, and how to manage them.
  • Fractures and dislocations: Participants will learn how to recognize, immobilize, and transport victims with fractures and dislocations.

Day 2:

  • Medical emergencies: This section covers common medical emergencies, such as seizures, asthma attacks, and heart attacks, and how to respond to them.
  • Environmental emergencies: Participants will learn how to recognize and respond to environmental emergencies, such as heat exhaustion, hypothermia, and drowning.
  • Poisons: This section covers the different types of poisons, how to recognize their symptoms, and how to respond to a poisoning emergency.
  • First aid kits: Participants will learn what items should be included in a first aid kit and how to use them.
  • Scenario-based training: The final section of the course will involve simulated emergency scenarios to give participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned.

It is important to note that the specific content covered in a two-day first aid training program may vary depending on the organization providing the training and the level of certification being offered. However, the above topics should provide a general overview of what to expect in a two-day first aid training program.

The training leads to basic first aid certification and useful for general people and persons working in non hazardous industries like BPO, Call Centers and offices.

Limited seats are available so register early. For more information contact Dr Asif at +91 11 4140 2531, 9891533071 visit at 24x7 medical service A 69 Abul fazal enclave Part 1 Jamia Nagar Okhla New Delhi 110025 or mail us at 24x7medicalservice@gmail.com

To get Online First Aid and CPR Training in Delhi India please visit Delhi Institue for First Aid and CPR Training

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