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First aid Training is must in schools

First aid training can be incredibly beneficial for individuals of all ages, including children in schools. It can teach them essential life-saving skills and provide them with the confidence to respond effectively in emergency situations. First aid training can also help to reduce the severity of injuries or illnesses and potentially even save lives.

Furthermore, providing first aid training in schools can help to create a culture of safety and preparedness. Students can learn about the importance of taking precautions to prevent accidents and injuries, as well as the necessary steps to take if an emergency does occur.

However, implementing first aid training in schools requires resources and qualified instructors. It is important to ensure that the curriculum is age-appropriate and covers the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively to emergency situations. Additionally, schools must consider liability and other legal concerns related to providing first aid training.

In summary, while first aid training can be a valuable addition to a school curriculum, it is important to carefully consider the logistics and potential challenges involved in implementation.

Reasons First Aid Training Should be done in School

After the passing of a child in a reputed school by an asthmatic attack few years back than started a serious debate about the health care facilities inside the school premises. Sunaina (Name Changed) was one of the brightest students in her class. Her life was cut short by the tragedy which struck to her.

She had the history of asthma attack and was prone to the pollutants in the environment. She was playing in with the students in the filed when she got this acute attack of asthma and became fainted. No body has an idea what has happened and what to do in these circumstances. When the ambulance arrives in the hospital premises the child has collapsed and was dead.

Whether Child would have survived if the school has properly trained first aid persons to manage the emergency was the hot topic in Delhi. People are now coming up and asking the administration to make first aid classes mandatory for the school staff and students. First aid training centre Delhi has also proactively participated in this debate and advocated the trained workforce in every institution so that these types of incident do not happen again.

Doctors working at 24x7 medical Service a patron organization of first aid and CPR training centre Delhi also laid emphasize on having at least one ambulance in the school premises for any medical emergency from providing the immediate first aid to the shifting casualty to the near by hospital in quick time. This prompt response will reduce the risk and can be helpful in saving the life of the injured one.

Mr. Khan Director of first aid training institute Delhi said in these types of emergencies each and every minute counts. But the main problem which in India the organizations are facing is lack of fund to start these projects. Also sustaining these projects require continuous inflow of money said Mr. Khan. There should be dedicated full time persons who should be appointed and given full responsibility for maintain and managing it. Organizations like 24x7 medical service should be involved and in running these projects as they are thoroughly professional.

Another area that First aid and CPR training centre pointed out that the drivers and helpers of the school bus should also be trained for any acute emergency during transportation of the children from and to school. These people are also very important in the chain of first aiders as these people are on the roads and they can serve the society by giving first aid in case of road traffic accidents. They will be an asset to the society.

Also the students of senior sections from 9th standard onwards should also be selected from each class and they should make a first aid responder group with in the classes and emergencies like this will come down drastically said Dr Asif Sattar senior trainer of 24x7 medical Service in a debate on a first aid in local news channel.

We should also involve local policing authorities and law enforcement departments in these workshops and make them more sensitive about the protection of first aiders and they should not unduly harass these people. Involving these personnel will help them to understand the psychology of first aiders and injured one.

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