First Aid for Chemical Burns

First Aid for Chemical Burn in Delhi

A chemical burn is irritation and destruction of human tissue caused by exposure to a chemical, usually by direct contact with the chemical or its fumes. Chemical burns can occur in the home, at work or school, or as a result of accident or assault.

Chemical burns can damage tissues due to strong acids, drain cleaners, paint thinner, gasoline and many other chemical substances. Usually, peoples are well aware of such a burn and its causes but may not immediately recognize a burn caused by a chemical. Major chemical burns require emergency medical help of hospital. Minor chemical burn can usually be treated with first aid.

Causes of chemical burn

Strong acids like Hydrochloric acid may damage and kill cells by coagulating cells. Strong bases sodium hydroxide liquefy cells Bleach Concrete mix Drain or toilet bowl cleaners and Metal cleaners are the commonest cause of chemical burn.

Symptoms of chemical Burn

  • Redness, irritation, or burning at the site of contact,
  • Pain or numbness at the site of contact,
  • Formation of blisters or black dead skin at the contact site,
  • Vision changes if the chemical gets into the eyes, cough or shortness of breath,
  • Vomiting are commonest and earliest sign that a person suffers after burn.
Call 112 or seek immediate medical care for major chemical burns, which:
  • Are deep, involving all layers of the skin
  • Are larger than 3 inches (about 8 centimeters) in diameter
  • Cover the hands, feet, face, groin, buttocks, or a major joint or encircles an arm or leg
  • Might cause shock, with symptoms such as cool, clammy skin, weak pulse and shallow breathing.

We at 24x7 medical service recommends the people at our first aid and CPR training and awareness programmes to get trained at least one or two family members especially women of their family in basic first aid and CPR so that they can handle any emergency situation. Women should at least be trained in some important modules like choking, heart attack, burn; electrical shock and fainting. These are some serious and commonest life threatening injures that may happen to us.

There are various examples which came up clearly indicating that people often can not even differentiate between simple gastritis and heart attack or with some other diseases. People especially women also have myths and some misconception in case of burn. They apply ghee, tooth paste, egg and cream on the burn area. These home made treatment make the condition worse and are of no use or have minimum benefit in few cases.

But a person at home trained in BASIC first aid and CPR can make the difference to the life and death of a victim.

First aid for chemical burns

If you think you have a chemical burn, take these steps immediately:

  • Clear away dry chemicals. Put on gloves and brush off any remaining chemical material.
  • Clear away contaminated clothing or jewelry and rinse chemicals off with fresh water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Put bandage the chemical burn. Cover the chemical burn with a clean cotton bandage. Wrap the burned place loosely to avoid putting pressure on burned wound.
  • Rinse the burned wound again if required. If you feel more burning, rinse the area again for several more minutes.

Also women do not know how to respond in case of fainting or they again perform same old procedure of tilting head backwards to control nose bleeding. One of the most common incidents that we have faced or encountered is people using various precarious things from wooden planks to shoes or socks smell to make casualty conscious in case of fits.

If people are trained in basic first aid and CPR and specific signs and symptoms are taught than they can effectively mange these types of situations and can save the life of a person in need.

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