First Aid for Sprained Ankle in Delhi

Sprained Ankle

Ankles after getting hurt are wrapped by crepe bandages is a first aid procedure so that more serious injuries are prevented from occurring and healing and recovery becomes quick. Here is best first aid method of wrapping a sprained ankle.

Use an ace bandage or a crepe bandage

These crepe bandages which are used for first aid in sprained ankles are long and elastic and they are woven around the ankle joint so as to make it stabilized. The edges are secured using metal clips or in some cases edges have adhesive. Crepe bandages are widely used allover the world as a first aid for sprained ankle as they are comfortable and can be reused. The technique is known as compression wrap.

How to make compression wrap

Step 1 : Locate the ball of the injured foot and put one end of the crepe bandage on it. This is the place where wrapping should start. Now extends the tail of the crepe to the out side of foot. In some cases there is a need of extra support so gauze pieces should be put on either side of ankle.

Step 2 : While holding the crepe bandage against ball of the foot with one hand and use another one to bring the end of tail around it from outside. Repeat this step for three times while moving the bandage from the front side towards heel and wrapping should be in such a manner that half of bandage is overlap in each wrap. Do not wrap the sprained ankle too tightly as it will decrease the blood flow to the remaining part of the foot. There should be no budges or lumps.

Step 3 : After the third wrap on sprained ankle make a figure of eight by bringing the end of bandage up outside of the foot over the instep and around the inside the ankle bring it around the heel back over instep under the foot and around the ankle. During each wrap the bandage should overlap half the already wrapped bandage so as to make it more firms.

Step 4 : Repeat the figure of eight bandage up to three times. Final wrap of crepe bandage should be several inches above the ankle. For a child only two wraps are sufficient. There should be no bulges and lump.

Step 5 : Use metal clips to hook the two parts together so as the bandage is secured. If there is adhesive with the bandage use adhesive to secture.If your foot starts feeling tingling or numbness there is possibility of bandage is wrapped too tightly.

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