Gas a common problem and First Aid

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Gas a common problem and First Aid

Gas in the stomach is one of the common found problem which has not spare any one let alone adult and older people even young children have also suffered it. Some times this gas problem become so serious that people need hospitalization and first aid for gas is of no use.

What Causes gastric pain?

  • 1. Stressful life.
  • 2. Spicy food.
  • 3. Night Jobs such as in Call centre.
  • 4. Some Medications.
  • 5. Children taking Fast food.
  • 6. Occurs in stomach / esophagus
  • 7. Disturbance of gastric mucosa leads to acid secretion
  • 8. Acids contact stomach nerve endings
  • 9. Acidic foods
  • 10. Alcohol

Some times gastric pain is confused with heart attack pain as the location of both the pain are same. One of the distinguish feature of heart attack is the pain radiating to left shoulder.

Types of Gastric Pains
  • 1. It may be acute or may be chronic
  • 2. When there is acute gastric problem it reduces quickly with in a short span of time
  • 3. Chronic gastric problems lead to ulcers and pain is more severe usually occurs at late night.

Symptoms of Gastric pain

  • 1. Severe abdominal cramps.
  • 2. Pain mostly at night.
  • 3. Burning sensation.
  • 4. Constant Pain.
  • 5. Indigestion
  • 6. Nausea
  • 7. Loss of appetite
  • 8. Diarrhea
  • 9. Nausea some times accompanied by vomiting in severe conditions.

First Aid for Gastric pain

  • 1. Fomentation by hot water bottle.
  • 2. Timely meals relieves pain due to ulcers
  • 3. Acute problems resolve spontaneously
  • a. Hot and Spicy foods.
  • b. Alcohol.
  • c. Smoking.
  • d. Excessive eating.
  • e. Large meals before bed
  • f. Fatty food
  • g. Late night parties.
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