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Chest compressions are done in FIRST AID and CPR to revive or to restart the normal functioning of an unconscious casualty. It is the life line of CPR and First aid curriculum. You should practice as much as you can so in case of real emergency you can perform all these steps efficiently and correctly in CPR. Delhi first aid training institute provides these opportunities to its students to learn it properly in its First aid and CPR training course.

To perform correct chest compression while doing CPR location or part of body where to perform is of utter most importance. Human heart and lungs are covered by rib cage to protect it from injuries. These ribs are attached with a bone called breast bone or Sternum situated in the center of your chest. Divide this sternum in to three equal part lower two third part is the place where you should do these chest compressions as major part of heart is located below it. Therefore knowing of exact location is very vital in performing CPR.

Locate two third of sternum, and do the following steps:

  • Intertwine the fingers after putting one hand over the other.
  • Fix the elbows and use your own body weight to compress the chest.
  • Each compression is of up to one and half to two inches deep. Easy way to remember is 2 hands and 2 inches rule. Any crack or breaking sound indicates that you are not performing compression properly and over exerting the pressure. But do not stop and perform CPR until medical help arrives.
  • The rate of compression is 30 times in a minute. Do it as quickly as possible so that Circulation is maintained.
  • While doing compressions counting should be done loudly.
  • Repeat this CPR process up to four times and then check the pulse rate of casualty, if not found than again start CPR.
  • Perform this CPR and first aid until help arrives or the patient revives.
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