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112 single emergency helpline number

Before starting first aid for any type emergency always call the ambulance first. If any person or your colleague is with you than they should dial 112. In any situation when you are alone always call or SHOUT for help before starting the CPR.
  • Do not leave the casualty alone at the accident site.
  • Do not start first aid before calling for help.
  • Do not force the victim to drink any liquid /juice or water.
  • Do not throw water or cold liquid on victim's face.
  • Do not make the victim in a sitting position immediately after he/she became unconscious.
  • Do not slap the victim on his face to revive.
    Provide operator with:
    1. Your location
    , . Your phone number
    3. Type of emergency
    4. Victim's condition
    Also always check the scene for possible hazards that may harm you while doing first aid. As you are eager to help the victim you may ignore the warning signs at accident site and impulsively may step into the danger zone. While the victim is in need of urgent medical care you should always use your common sense and remove the danger and then perform CPR CPR

    Simple sequence to remember is DR ABC

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