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CPR or cardio pulmonary resuscitation can be divided in to three categories adult CPR child CPR and Infant cpr guidelines for CPR are same for each one but some important difference is there. Before you start rescuing a person always does the primary and secondary survey.

Before you begin any rescue efforts, you must remember to check the victim for responsiveness.

Always ask the victim to check his/her responsiveness. If there is a doubt whether the victim has sustained a neck or any spinal injury does not shake him or move him. This might further accelerate the injury. Always ask In a polite way "Are you okay?" or call the sufferer by his name if you previously know him.

If the victim gives reaction to you than CPR is not required and victim will bring back. you should check him every 5 minutes as casualty's condition may detoriate lately. But if he is semi conscious, or non responsive or there is a sign of shock or stroke or heart attack immediately shout for help and call 112. which include: A-Airway, B-Breaths

In case of emergency DO NOT...
  • ...leave the victim unattended.
  • ...make the victim drink.
  • ...throw water on the victim's face.
  • ...put the victim into a sitting posture.
  • ...slap his/her face.


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