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24x7medical service organizes First Aid and CPR Training Classes for specialized tours for the Wilderness tours and photography tours in different locations. We also cover the topics of First Aid required for educational tours. Our specialized first aid training course helps participant who went for wildlife excursions and photography tours for any unexpected injuries and dangerous situation. This is one of our innovative courses which is designed by experienced trainers and is very fast paced. This First Aid training is designed for tour leaders, outdoor camp staff outdoor enthusiast and persons working in remote areas far away from civilized population. This CPR training introduce participant how to provide relief and medical care to the injured or ill colleague as they are away from hospitals and doctors The First Aid and CPR training is done in combination with practical and theoretical aspects and real life scenario is created so as to accustomize participants with real life situations.

What is this first aid training about?

This is the temporary medical help given to a person who is not well or injured in wilderness or a remote area where the medical help is far away or will take some time to reach. The person trained in this First Aid training do assessment of situation and casualty and gives proper and systematic first aid of wilderness as designed by our first aid trainer and approved by various resuscitation council.

Why this first aid training for wilderness is important?

We recommend this CPR course because normal or basic first aid training does not have enough inputs about emergency medicines which are very crucial in wilderness first aid and in remote areas. This course train participants to respond in acute conditions and can manage that acute condition otherwise which will become serious and life threatening.

Who should opt for this first aid training?

NCC cadet's people indulge in wild life photography and those who plan to go in wildlife excursions should undergo this first aid training module so that they are prepared for emergency. The physical trauma and injuries, dehydration, snake bite, travelling sickness, food poisoning, allergies, head injuries, heart attack, altitude sickness are the major problems faced by the persons and are trained in this.

What are the important injuries faced by persons in jungle?

Bites, Bone fractures, Burns, Headache, Heart attack, Hemorrhage, Hypothermia, hyperthermia (too hot), Infection through food, animal contact, or drinking non-potable water, Poisoning from consumption of, or contact with, poisonous plants or poisonous fungi, Sprains, particularly of the ankle, Wounds, which may become infected are some of the important injuries that are encountered by the excursionists.

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