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Since its inception in 2009, 24x7 medical Service has came a long way from providing First aid Trainings, Health checkups to Laboratory services. We are growing at a very fast pace committed to provide quality health care services and to train people in first aid and Home care.

24x7 Medical Service provides a full range of Medical laboratory services. We provide health care in all its forms, from a simple blood test to a diagnostic scan. Our observation and examination departments can offer sophisticated diagnosis. We are providing laboratory services in collaboration with leading diagnostic centers and laboratories of India.

Today 24x7 Medical Service is conducting large numbers of tests in a day ranging from simple test to high-end tests. Our highly trained phlebotomist is very efficient in collecting blood samples causing minimum discomfort to. The blood tests are of fered with 50% discounted rates than the current market prices. The slashed prices by 24x7 medical service laboratory has make it possible for general public to avail high quality blood test without worrying about the cost factor.

Through its network, 24x7 Medical Service offers the most comprehensive range of diagnostic facilities that cover an extensive range of specialties. Apart from pathology services 24x7 Medical Service also provides a complete range of radiology modalities including Computed Tomography (CT), Diagnostic Radiology (X- Ray), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in collaboration of leading radiology centers of Delhi NCR.

Our considerable experience and expertise in the field of Diagnostics Services has helped to address the growing health ailments by providing accurate & timely diagnosis with the help of specialized technologies and innovative services.

24x7 Medical Service is committed to working with our customers - patients, clinicians and researchers - to help them meet their individual needs. We firmly believe that creating exceptional value additions in healthcare is the best way of offering significant benefits to our customers.

At 24x7 medical Service, we make an empathetic approach to our valued customers to make them feel to be in the hands of highly professional team. We apply our vision to make a difference to the lives of our customers and patients and this in turn helps our employees to reach greater heights in the organization.

With the tremendous support we have generated from people and their believe in 24x7 we are committed to improve our service, introduce new technologies and shall always remain customer oriented. Our driving motto will be "To provide quality and reliable Laboratory Service at an affordable cost, and to constantly upgrade ourselves to meet the demands of the Indian Clinicians and Patients."

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