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A survey done by 24x7 medical service in 2014 shows that most of the passerby believe that they have a duty of providing first aid to a person who is not breathing on his own, but many fear of legal implications and harming the person during CPR and first aid.

Most of the people are more concerned not to make more harm than good to the casualty, and they did not administer the CPR said one of the doctor with first aid training centre Delhi involved in the survey. About half of the participant were found not enough confident to attempt FIRST AID AND CPR if they found some one requiring it. Only one fourth was found to have taken first aid and CPR training course in last 4 years. Survey was done in Delhi NCR region and about 1000 people participated in survey. People confirmed that taking a course of first aid and CPR training will be boosting their confidence in administering it.

Surveyor with 24x7 medical service Delhi observe common perception is that people will be prosecuted if they try to revive some one unconscious and if some mishappening occurs to the injured one. Also they are more afraid of harm than good. Spokesperson for first aid training centre Delhi said "As long as they are using basic first aid skills and not using extra ordinary steps they are protected every where.

People do much ridicule things that land them in trouble, but as long as they are performing proper first aid and using their best first aid skills they are safe and Good Samaritan will always protect them. It states that Good Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. In some cases, Good Samaritan laws encourage people to offer assistance (duty to rescue).The protection is intended to reduce bystanders' hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury or wrongful death.

Trainers of first aid training centre Delhi said we tend to cross our limit and try to treat the patient ether due to our negligence or some other reason which make us liable for our actions we should always remember that we are only volunteer and only first aiders we are not doctors. After crossing this barrier protection given by Good Samaritan law ends. People some time performs invasive procedures such as tracheotomy or any surgical procedure in which we are not trained which a grave negligence.

Dr Asif Sattar at 24x7 medical Service says that "organizing awareness programs and campaigns to assure people that when ever they perform first aid and CPR on a person they should remember it is for the good, useful and effective and will not be liable for the actions that they are performing. Good Samaritan law should be explained in an easy language understandable by the participants and local laws regarding their safety should also be explained.

We should also involve local policing authorities and law enforcement departments in these workshops and make them more sensitive about the protection of first aiders and they should not unduly harass these people. Involving these personnel will help them to understand the psychology of first aiders and injured one.

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