Importance Of First Aid In Cargo & Logistics

24x7 medical service has successfully completed another training programme on first aid and CPR at the office of OM logistics at transport city Punjabi Bagh New Delhi. The focus of training was on the injuries and medical emergencies that may happen at their workplace and sites.

As the company is engaged in logistic business and transportation of hazardous and non hazardous materials to various places so the chances of spillage and physical injuries were more.

The first aid trainers demonstrated the technique of CPR and how to administer it correctly. The RICE procedure to manage fractures, sprains, strains and concept of emergency action plan to be implemented in case of an emergency situation was also discussed during the first aid training. The trainees were also interested in procedure how to control the bleeding and do a proper bandage in a sterile environment.

The innovative approach and teaching methods by the trainers during first aid training program results in proper understanding of correct procedures of the entire first aid curriculum.

The trainee participants studied the anatomical and physiological reason behind the mechanism of CPR and what effects does it have on human body. The real times scenario was created on the site and onsite first aid procedures were practiced such as lifting the casualty treating a fractured leg and bandaging the imputed part of body.

The CPR which is very vital in every first aid situation was practiced on dummy by every participant. The training outcome as evaluated by the training head of OM logistics was very satisfactory and trainees was found to be efficient to handle any emergency situation in their work place and the standard of safety becomes high.

At 24x7 medical service we rendered best quality of first aid training in Delhi to the participants. Our First Aid trainers have trained hundred of people in first aid and are working all over the globe in various industries.

Our curriculum and First Aid and CPR certificates are accepted by Australian culinary association, embassies of Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Now 24x7 medical service a First Aid and CPR Training institute New Delhi has become a well known brand in the field of First aid and CPR training all over the world.

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