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First aid: - Levels and why it is important in today's world

First Aid is a trait or a tool that you never know when it can come handy to us. Emergencies never came expectedly they just surprise you makes you panicked. They just came without notice either you are at office, play ground in a match or in a hall they just came give us crushing blow and takes our near and dear ones or make us physically handicapped. But knowing the first aid can make a big difference in life and death to a person has undergone the injury.

We generally terms first aid and CPR as a common course along with first aid but it is not so. First Aid training centre Delhi a unit of 24x7 medical service told their students that First aid is only to manage Injuries and wound in our day to day life but CPR is the ultimate tool to preserve the life and to make sure pt should reach hospital safely.

First aid and CPR has different certification level depending upon the course duration, industries and work place. The training will be different for the mountaineers to the training given at office and urban areas.CPR has at least three levels to achieve by the trainees. They can opt CPR A, CPR B and CPR C collectively or individually any one of it.

Trainers in DELHI FIRST AID TRAINING INSTITUTE has adhered to international standards and included CPR in their basic first aid training certification courses. Here the students are taught at least CPR level A so that they can use it in case of life threatening situations during giving first aid.

Another question "why the different level of first aid and CPR training?" The reason is that need of CPR technique in Adult is quite different from that of child and infant. The steps of clearing an obstructed airway during choking is far different form an adult one.

One of the common question that comes to our mind while taking the first aid and CPR course is" why it should be done again and again on yearly basis?" First aid training institute Delhi said since we rarely uses these skills and the techniques keep changing as the time passes new theories and techniques comes up we need to get update our self and refresh our learning.

Having first aid certification and training makes us more confident in dealing the medical emergencies such as burn heart attack choking snake bite and serious cuts and wounds. Managing these injuries results in less fatalities and shifting to the hospital becomes much easier.

Along with the hands only CPR there is also the use of external defibrillator commonly known as AED. These AEDs are commonly installed at school, Playgrounds, Hockey fields and Public places like railway station, metro station airports. These AEDS help us to provide electrical shock to the person whose heart has stopped breathing.

All these things make it very important in today's world to have properly trained staff at work place and trained society to deal these at our homes.

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