First Aid and CPR Training for Individuals

TRAINING: Life-saving techniques such as CPR will be taught

First aid training centre Delhi under the aegis of 24x7 medical Service is organizing charitable free first aid training to the local community members. It is inviting people to its centre at A 69 Abul Fazal okhla NEW DELHI on Sunday from 10:30 A.M. To 12:30 P.M. These sessions of free first aid are to organize throughout whole month of DECEMBER and January. This initiative was taken by board members to spread awareness about the importance of first aid and CPR training in our day to day life and the positives of administering first aid.

It is a program to register volunteers and train them to become first aid responders a noble imitative by first aid and CPR centre Delhi. These trained first aid responders will be attending sessions on injuries and wounds cuts, choking, anaphylaxis, amputation, heart attack and many more. These trained first aiders will arrange first aid training sessions in their own location for the house wives and older people.

They will be giving crucial information about first aid and techniques to handle emergency situations. by the local people themselves. The sessions will be a great opportunity to develop the strong network of first aiders in Delhi.

These sessions are specially designed and custom made for the common people thus they can understand it easily implement it in their day to day life.

Dr. Asif Sattar, the corporate trainer said "when we are training the scouts they were also asked to raise awareness and charty of 24x7 medical service and funds for the event. There was overwhelming response to from each first aider and they wanted to connect. Overwhelmingly the answer was that our volunteers simply wanted an opportunity to connect with their communities and to make them aware about their role in saving life of injured one.

The trainers will be coming for 24x7 Medcal Service a premier organization in first aid and CPR trainings in NCR region. The first aid and CPR training institute is organizing these types of social initiatives since its inception and motto is to train more and more people. Since its establishment 24x7 Medical Servce has trained thousand of people who are providing and using these skills in their day to day life and are an asset to the community.

The spokesperson of 24x7 medical Service says they will organize these types of workshops in different cities in India and will expand the duration of the training period. They also reiterated the need of collecting funds to maintain and continue these initiatives of first aid training. He also said that apart from road accidents the diseases at home such as heart attack choking electrical shock are now the leading culprits of serous injures in our day to day life. Especially the women who are alone with their infants and older people should at least know the basic contents and management of first ad training. These people are at more serious risk of having unmanageable problems and also the hospital or medical help takes some times to reach at the site.

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