Importance of first aid in Factories

Benefits of Training Employees in CPR and First Aid

In India the concept of first aid is in nascent stage. People here are not aware of the importance of first aid in their day to day life. People got injured in road traffic accident, at their homes, in family gatherings, social events and especially in work place. The major part of accident occurs at our workplace wether it is in kitchen or our office. To minimize the loss of life and to prevent injuries becoming more serious the OSHA has made it mandatory for the companies to get trained their workforce in basic first aid.

Minimum Participants for First Aid Training

For every ten people their should be minimum two employee to get first aid and CPR training so that if one is not available other can give first aid in an emergency. Most of the people at the accident site do not know how to respond to a particular medical emergency, they started panicking and do not help the injured at all and they are at total loss. If in case few of them try to help they did not what to do and how to do. Most of the injuries we suffer are not so serious but in factories where the involvement of heavy machineries, chemical is more the chances of serious life threatening injuries are more. Hence the needs first aid and CPR training for factory workers is more in comparison to the domestic people.

First Aid and CPR Trained persons help in Medical Emergencies

Data collected by various agencies such as Red Cross, American heart association shows the drastic reduction in human life lost in those people where first aid and CPR were given immediately by the First Aid and CPR trained personnel. Not only these personnel give first aid themselves they also involve the by standers in the rescue operations. So each First Aid and CPR trained personnel not only use his knowledge but also guide their colleagues how to handle the situations.

First Aid Training Helps in medical emergencies in factories

Most of the Medical emergencies at work place is either mechanical involving cuts or wounds having blood loss or either electrical. Apart from these are unconsciousness, heart attack and inhalation injuries due to toxic elements. So the basic first aid training covers all these aspects as well as some other topics of general importance. This training also specialize the participants in hands only CPR procedure so as to save the life.

Thus it is very important for the factory owners to train their workers in first aid and CPR.

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