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First Aid and CPR Training Sea diving & Snorkeling, White Water Rafting

Sea Diving and snorkeling is a leisure activity that we people generally have in our travel plans to sea front. It does not require any formal training to do snorkeling. People generally have to know the swimming and also snorkeling requires minimum equipments and they are not fully aware of the hazards under the sea.

Sea diving are performed by professionals who have undergone the training and are very well versed with it. People are trained knew hazards of it. People generally suffer barotraumas, suffocation, Bites of sharks, stings of poisonous fishes and animals, sunburns, and hypothermia and each one is dangerous under the sea.

Another physical injury that happens during snorkeling is collision from rocks due to unexpected surge of wave or you might be swept away and this may results in death. Your skin may cut from sharp edges of rock or coral and severe infection may happens from microscopic sea creature as mollusks, shrimps, crustaceans, echinoderms, sponges which contain deadly bacteria. Jelly fish stings whose tentacles remains in our body releases harmful toxins even after several hours. Aquatic wildlife encounters, Bites, stings and kicks from sea mammals, fish, sharks and other sea animals whose defensiveness can expose snorkeler to their attack resulting in injury. Barotraumas, sunburn, hypothermia is another injury that happens to inexperienced snorkelers.

Injuries associated with water rafting and kayaking is Cuts and Bruises due to collision with rocks above or under the water, Head Injury and broken bones due to falling of from the boat and head striking on the rocks which can happen even to an experienced person Hypothermia is also a dangerous situation which occurs due to constant wetting. The most dangerous is drowning due to any reason.

TO minimize the risk we should wear proper clothing and equipment follow the advice of guide but if something happens we should be rady for the situation n to minimize the human loss for this every participant should under go first aid training at any premier institute like 24x7 medical service. The first aid training curriculum not only imparts the training how to handle theses situations as well as it teaches us how to do CPR.

Cuts and bruises can be treated on site but drowning is a serious problem it requires immediate resuscitation which is covered in trainings conducted by 24x7 medical service an institute of first aid training. Topics like Fractures, dislocations concussions are taught by the faculty and persons are trained how to make splints with available resources.

Hypothermia is a serious challenge before people involved in rafting and snorkeling because you get wet frequently and in cold water or in winter season it may results in shock and death may occur so first aid training is very necessary for all of us before going in excursions or expeditions. To control spread of poison bite from sting ray or jelly fish and to maintain the airway in case situation worsen is also practically demonstrated by our trainer in our first aid training programme.

These challenges that we can face in wilderness or in our excursions can be met only with professional first aid training and proper practical aspects should be learn.

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