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When any object gets inside our windpipe or throat accidently blocking the air flow and cut the oxygen supply in the body it is called as choking. It is one of the serious medical emergencies in first aid and CPR course. Food particle, tooth denture, and coin. Small children and elderly people are the common victims. Air hunger with grasping of throat is the clear indication of choking. Whenever there is a choking emergency activate EMS, call the ambulance and immediately start Heimlich maneuver.

CYANOSIS or bluishness of skin indicates lack of oxygen content in the arterial blood.

Signs and symptoms are air hunger, throat grasping, bluishness of skin and eventually unconsciousness.:

  • Inability to talk.
  • Difficulty breathing or noisy breathing.
  • Inability to cough forcefully.
  • Skin, lips and nails turning blue or dusky.
  • Loss of consciousness.

Ask the casualty to cough vigorously or violently to expel the lodged particle in the food pipe. If the patient responds to your query than he might not choked. Also there will be stridor sound a typical sound produced when air passed in a hollow pipe having an object lodged in it. Whenever there is a choking incident the victim is unable to speak but he indicates towards his neck by his hand or finger.

If choking is occurring, the Red Cross recommends "five-and-five" approach to delivering first aid. But we do not prefer this technique in our first aid and CPR course as it may lead to the particle deeper in to the lung. We recommend the Heimlich maneuver.

How to perform Heimlich maneuver on a casualty?

If a person is conscious stand behind him wrap your arm around his waist and slightly tilt him forward. Than make a fist with your one hand place it above the navel of casualty, Grasp the fist with your other hand and press it hardly inward and upward to make a severe thrust. Give these thrusts five times if the object is not dislodged.

How to perform Heimlich maneuver on yourself?

If you are feeling choked than immediately call an ambulance before starting first aid

  • Make your own fist and place it on your navel and bend over a hard surface like table top or a chair.
  • Shove the first upward and inward. Also try to cough up.
  • Alternate between 5 blows and 5 thrusts. until the blockage is dislodged.

If something is visible in the throat than how to clear the airway as a first aid

Gently lie down the victim on the hard surface on his back. If you can see a blockage at the back of throat or deep inside the throat reach there by inserting your finger by the side of the throat so as not to push it inside the mouth. Make a swipe and take out what is inside. Make sure that it does not get dislodged in the lungs deeper this is most important part in administering first aid.

How to perform Heimlich maneuver on an Infant less than 1 year:

Sit on a chair slightly lower your legs downwards and put the infants on your laps and place your forearm below it. Give at least five thumps on his middle part of his back with the heel of your palm gently but firmly. This will lead to the releasing of blocked object by the gravity force. if it does not resolve do infant CPR.

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