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Call 112 for Medical Emergency Help

If you are alone with a child or baby who is not responsive and not respiring (or only gasping), Call 112 after you have done 2 minutes of CPR. If someone else is present, scream for the person to Call 112 and you begin CPR.

If a child or baby is senseless but you notice regular breathing, Call 112 and wait for help. A breathing child or baby does not need CPR, but one that is not breathing or choking does require CPR.

1. Check for responsiveness by shouting and shaking the victim. Do NOT shake the child if he has sustained a spinal injury.

2. Remember your A-B-C:

  • Airway: tilt the head back and lift the neck to clear the airway.
  • Breathing: pinch the child's nose or cover his mouth and nose with your mouth making a tight seal, and give two breaths, watching for the chest to rise with each breath.
  • Circulation: if there is no pulse, administer 30 chest compressions - 1 hand, 1 inch.

3. Continue to perform CPR for 1 to 2 minutes before dialing 1-1-2.

4. Check for pulse and if necessary perform the cycle again, checking for pulse every minute.

Congratulations! You are now one step closer to completing this CPR course. Again, the following quiz should be taken as an exercise to reinforce what you've learned about Child CPR and we recommend that you test yourself before proceeding to the next section.

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